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Millennial Tarot

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Millennial Tarot is a fun, funny, beautiful modern tarot deck that takes the original 78 Tarot cards, puts them in Millennial lingo, and gives them Millennial imagery while still keeping their original names and suits visible. All of the artwork is original to this Tarot deck. For those who are new to tarot or have been reading for years, it provides an approachable way to immediately understand what each card is about. People love to use it with friends who are hesitant to try Tarot and to add spice to their normal readings. Millennial tarot is a complete deck with Major Arcana, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. It captures the journey through adulting. Wands connect to passion and energy and are called Vibes. Cups get into emotions and are called Feels. Swords speak to our thinking and are called Thoughts. Lastly, Pentacles represent physical things and are called Swag. Cards like The Devil are reimagined as The F$ck Boy, Judgement is Quarter Life Crisis, The Tower is Dumpster Fire, and much, much more. The deck comes with spreads you can practice with, as well as an online guide for each of the cards and their meaning, also very much in Millennial terms. The cards are big and beautiful, about the size of an iPhone, and familiar in your hands at 3.5in x 5.5in. And while every one can enjoy, the cards are, of course, ideal for Millennials, Ages 25 - 40. The box has a tuck lid making it compact and great for travel.
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