Tarot Instructions
...for Millennials

  1. To start your tarot reading, take a few deep breaths, finish your matcha latte, put your phone on do-not-disturb, and pour yourself a big glass of rosé. Put on your most fabulous outfit and tap into your intuition. Choose and focus on an intention for the reading. You can do this by thinking about a specific question you want answered, or by simply asking the universe, the holy avocado, yourself, or the cards for guidance and insight.
  2. Next, pick up your Millennial Tarot deck for your reading. Gather your friends to interpret your life with you, or lock the door to close out your kids and get in deep. Make space for yourself as you prepare to do your reading.
  3. Shuffle the deck while focusing on your intention and infusing it with your energy, juju, and je ne sais quoi. This will help guide the reading and ensure that you can't blame anyone else for the cards that are drawn.
  4. Once you're ready, take a look at the Spreads card included with The Millennial Tarot deck. This card features different tarot spreads that you can use for your reading. Choose the one that feels right to you. Is there something going on at work? Dynamics in your relationship that keep playing out and need exploring?
  5. Once you've chosen a spread, draw cards from the top of the deck and place them face down in the layout shown on the Spreads card, with the glorious avocados and cosmos facing up, leaving what's beneath them a mystery.
  6. Read the question that is on the Spreads card in the order that the cards are laid out, and flip the corresponding card over to answer the question.
  7. Interpret the cards by considering their individual meanings as well as how they relate to each other and your specific situation. Use the online guidebook included with The Millennial Tarot deck, which offers clear, easy-to-follow guidance on the meaning of each card.
  8. Reflect on the reading and how it relates to your life. Let others chime in on what they think it means. Consider any parts of the name, suit, TLDR description, or online description that resonate with you and see what associations you make and how they connect with your situation. Focus on what is true about the statement to you and how it relates to your life. This will help you get the most out of your reading.
  9. Move on to the next question on the Spreads card and flip the next card until you've gone through all of the questions. This will provide a comprehensive reading that covers different aspects of your life and situation.
  10. Once you've finished your reading, put the cards back in the box and store it in a safe place. You can always do another reading later if you want to dig deeper, get more guidance, or try to get an answer you're happier about sharing on Insta. Now go forth and read Tarot!

See the online guide for modern interpretations in Millennial terms.
Because the struggle is real.
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Millennial Tarot

On sale from $54 until Christmas
$ 49.00 USD
This tarot deck includes all of the original cards of the Rider-Waite deck, with additional content added to make their meanings more relevant, accessible, and understandable. This deck is perfect for both tarot beginners and experienced readers, as it provides a deeper understanding of the cards while maintaining the traditional meanings. The deck also includes trigger-free language, making it accessible and safe for all users. The imagery in the cards showcases LGBTQIA, multi-racial, body size, and accessibility diversity, reflecting the beauty and diversity of the Millennial generation.
  • 78 cards with original art and names, as well as traditional names
  • Spreads card and a link to the online digital guidebook
  • High quality, double-sided, 3.5" x 5.5" matte finish, rounded corners cards
  • Closable, 3.65" x 5.65" x 1.5" gloss finish tuck box
  • Perfect for Millennials (Ages 25 - 40)
  • Deck
    78 Major & Minor Arcana
  • Includes
    Spreads & Online Guide
  • Dimensions
    in x
    in x
  • Cards
    3.5" x 5.5" rounded matte
  • Box
    3.65" x 5.65" x 1.5" gloss tuck box
  • Perfect For
    Millennials (Ages 25 - 40)
Millennial Tarot is open for orders October 31st.
New version Fall 2024
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